5000 Series

The 5000 Series range of Globe Control Valves benefits from more than 40 years of infield experience to deliver high performance, easily maintained, reliable and high-quality valves for the most severe applications.

The wide choice of materials used for manufacture offers bespoke application solutions, while the smooth body flow path reduces turbulence, minimising the effects of erosion and noise.

Design Features:

  • Smooth profile cast globe, angle and three-way body construction
  • Quick-change trim as standard
  • Wide choice of trim sizes available with low noise and anti-cavitation options
  • Robust parts for trouble free service and low maintenance costs
  • Inherently characterised trims available in linear, bi-linear, equal percentage or semi-throttle
  • Substantial guiding
  • Wide choice of packing systems including low fugitive emission designs
  • Integral plug system construction option
  • Both balanced and unbalanced trim designs with soft seat insert options


  • Top-entry servicing with easily maintained trim sets
  • Reduced inspection and maintenance costs
  • Trims are easily installed
  • Excellent flow capacity and control rangeability
  • Design reduces potential erosion and noise issues
  • High interchangeability between sizes and other products
  • Rigorous in-field testing
  • Manufactured to ISO 29001 certification and compliant with PED requirements
  • Low actuating forces required with balanced trim styles

The quick-change trim option allows easily accessible trim components to minimise fitting and replacement times.

Stem-guided contoured trim in both balanced and unbalanced configuration gives excellent rigidity and resistance to vibration and service wear. The valve is designed to accommodate other products within the Severn range, for example, MLT, CC low noise, and anti-cavitation trims.

The vast array of repair intelligence has been utilised to develop the most robust method of design. The 5000 Series utilises the latest trim technology from the simple contoured plug through to the multi-labyrinth trims, paving the way for future upgrades if required. The robust guiding of the 5000 Series valves provides excellent rigidity to vibration regardless of the valves configuration, meaning increased service intervals and reduced downtime.

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