Oil & Gas

Strategically aligned to tackle the ever-evolving challenges facing the sector.

We have been helping oil and gas operators enhance plant safety, reliability and profitability for more than 60 years.

Our business is strategically aligned to tackle the ever-evolving challenges facing the sector. And our technical expertise is always growing, driven by focused R&D activity and process knowledge gathered in the field.

Topsides focus

We have a long history of providing valves for new offshore projects and enhancing the performance of valves on mature platforms. At Severn, we:

  • Design and manufacture highly-engineered valves for offshore applications, including platforms and FPSOs
  • Bolster the performance of valves on established and mature platforms in the most demanding offshore environments
  • Provide bespoke traded products and engineering services for isolation valves.

Intelligent valve management

We work with established onshore and offshore oil & gas plants, forming and implementing bespoke valve strategies. At Severn, we:

  • Apply Repair Intelligence™ knowledge to develop bespoke engineered solutions that improve long-term reliability and flow performance
  • Combine valve engineering expertise with local knowledge and infrastructure.

Pushing the frontiers of valve engineering

Your end-to-end partner - from design and manufacture through to maintenance, management and re-engineering to extend valve life.

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