Lifecycle Enhancement

An all-in-one proposition, from design and manufacture through to maintenance, management and re-engineering to extend valve life.

We engage with you from the outset, offering expert advice to factor your valve requirements into plant design and shape a solution that secures maximum operational life.

Our planning and design capabilities are underpinned by an unrivalled bank of valve data – built up over decades of research, development and front-line experience – that equips us to identify, then eliminate, potential issues. It’s a carefully defined process that assures the integrity, strength and reliability of our products, either bespoke or catalogue.

Our long-term valve management strategies support in-line valve performance in the long term. And we use up-to-date data and our knowledge of ever-changing process conditions to ultimately explore ways to re-engineer your valve and extend its functioning life – saving you time and money. An authentically end-to-end relationship, with a partner you can rely on.

The driver for all plant operators / end users is to maintain production, through the assured compliance and technical integrity, reliability and optimised performance of the assets and to maintain their plant cost effectively to meet with business objectives.

Our aim is to ensure that the business managers and operational leads within our client group understand the dynamics of valve management and how it impacts their core business objectives.

The Severn capability can handle 100% of the valve population activity, but is specifically centred around providing technical advice, management information and strategic leadership around the critical valves, that require a management programme.

The three pillars of our strategy are:

  • Compliance & Technical Assurance
  • Performance & Reliability
  • Maintenance & Repair

To support these strategies the Severn expertise comes from 3 core capabilities.

Technical Products & Services Team ( TPAS)  – 

A well invested and available team of valve technology experts, whose sole function is to be available to operators with expertise, technical knowledge and proven solutions that will support any technical failure or performance issues from the valve population.

Unique Information & Systems –

OPERA – operational performance enhancement from repair analysis which puts highly specific information on valve condition and performance into OVM (OPERA Valve Management) – offers Severn’s TPAS engineers a depth of knowledge about valve condition, valve failure, valve performance that is unique.   This is the CORE that supports and differentiates Severn’s engineers and solutions from repairers or supply OEM’s.

Field Service & Workshop Capability

General repairers offer overhaul and certified testing.  OEM’s offer replacement valves.  Severn, through its broad service capability internationally provide detailed inspections and analysis before offering improvement solutions.  The range of solutions available from Severn covers simple re-tuning, overhaul, repair, upgrade, retrofit, bespoke manufactured solutions.

Pushing the frontiers of valve engineering

Your end-to-end partner - from design and manufacture through to maintenance, management and re-engineering to extend valve life.

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