W-Series Diaphragm Actuators

The W-Series Pneumatically Operated Spring & Diaphragm Actuator is designed to satisfy the majority of general Control valve applications.

With proven reliability, even in the most adverse climate conditions and temperatures, the range compromises three basic actuator sizes which, when combined with different spring ranges, provide a travel capability of up to 3 1/2 (89mm). The spring air fail action delivers crucial reliability for critical applications and a pre-compressed bench set is available across the range of fitted springs.

Design Features:

  • High power, fast response
  • Operates from low-pressure air supply
  • Low-stressed, positive spring fail action in either air fail open or close orientation
  • Field reversible to change fail safe position
  • Steel construction with minimal parts for low-cost, trouble-free operation and maintenance
  • The assembly is bolted to a cast yoke combining lightness with mechanical strength


  • Proven, reliable, low-cost performance
  • Fire-resistant construction, with positive fail position
  • Adjustable pre-compressed spring forces
  • High degree of reliability with low hysteresis

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