Anti-Surge Actuator

For 60 years, Severn’s focus has been upon maximising the performance of its products to help clients secure their safety and commercial objectives. We have a long history of providing Anti-Surge Actuator valves and actuator systems for the most demanding of Anti-Surge applications.

Specific Anti-Surge standards are extremely strict and difficult to achieve. However, through significant investment and extensive R&D, Severn has achieved the following:

  • The Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC) AN17 specification
  • The Nuovo Pignone (GE) specification

Severn’s experience in satisfying many challenging compressor Anti-Surge applications has shown that bespoke design is the key to achieving optimum performance. Each application is uniquely sized, selected and designed in line with the client’s specific requirements to offer unparalleled reliability and value.

  • Extremely fast acting
  • Rapid response and accurate positioning
  • Consistent performance
  • Optimized for valve travels and shutoff conditions
  • Low friction seals
  • Sealed from external contaminants
  • Robustly guided

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