Lifecycle Enhancement

Compliance & Technical assurance

Our robust compliance & technical assurance programmes ensure valves function reliably in line with operator requirements as well as national and international regulations. We understand the importance of safety and environmental factors, and take steps to maximise technical assurance.

New valves leaving our factories are fully assessed to ensure they meet all relevant standards, from bubble-tight shut-off to cryogenic performance to fire safety and beyond. They receive a performance benchmark which facilitates effective monitoring and management in the field.

For existing valve populations, our advanced valve management and engineering services ensure ongoing compliance. We achieve this through a stringent three-part maintenance programme which encompasses planning and integrity inspections as well as the overhaul, assessment and verification of valves.

Key parts of the process include:

  • Continuous benchmarking
  • Continuous risk-based inspection
  • Identification of process changes that impact operating parameters
  • Creation of priority lists for overhaul and maintenance work
  • Cataloguing valves and performance verification status
  • Planning timely recertification
  • Standardisation and obsolescence management
  • Spare parts management
  • Optimising the traceability of valves
  • Execution of valve repair and overhaul based on planning and engineering intelligence

Pushing the frontiers of valve engineering

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