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Severn Exceeds Major Oil Company’s Expectations

Posted: 22 November 2022

Severn was approached by a leading international oil company to replace the main water injection valve on their FPSO due to the existing valve passing and so not able to generate the required pressure. This problem was estimated to be costing the company a significant loss in oil production, so a quick response and solution was vital.

Severn were asked to provide a complete replacement trim to enable the oil company to refurbish the original valve while they waited for the replacement valve. The standard lead time for a full set of trim parts is 22 weeks and for a complete valve replacement is around 30 weeks, but due to the urgency, Severn manufactured and delivered a new set of trims in 12 weeks and the new valve in 20 weeks. This phenomenal effort was achieved by careful management of the sub suppliers and the remarkable effort by all involved at Severn.

A spokesperson for the oil company said, ”We would like to sincerely thank the whole Severn team for the hard work they have all put in to manufacturing the valve and delivering it on time.” This remarkable effort has also provided an opportunity to refurb the original valve and suggest an upgrade to the recently installed valve to avoid this situation occurring again.

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