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Severn Combines Engineering Excellence and Heritage to Develop a Superior Butterfly Valve Range.

Posted: 17 June 2024

With over 60 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of Butterfly Valves, Severn launches a range built on decades of learnings and innovative engineering.

In the dynamic landscape of industrial engineering, innovation often stems from a rich heritage of expertise and an unyielding commitment to excellence. Severn Glocon, a renowned name in the world of valve design and manufacturing, have once again proven this statement true with the unveiling of the superior Oblique Cone Technology (OCT) Triple Offset (TOV) Butterfly Valve. This development represents Severn’s commitment to innovation in the realm of process and industrial energy markets, promising enhanced performance, reliability, and efficiency.  

Engineering Heritage: The Foundation of Excellence 

Severn’s journey to engineering eminence is woven with a tapestry of innovation and dedication stemming back over 60 years. With an engineering history extending back to 1957 and the design and manufacturing of Globe Control Valves, Severn has continuously pushed the boundaries of valve technology and design, earning a reputation for precision engineering and unmatched quality. Drawing from this extensive engineering heritage, Severn has consistently delivered solutions that exceed industry standards and address the evolving needs of diverse sectors.  

Unveiling the Oblique Cone Technology (OCT) 

At the heart of Severn’s latest engineering triumph lies the OCT TOV Butterfly valve, a revolutionary advancement in Butterfly valve design and performance. Unlike traditional Butterfly valves, which often suffer from limitations in sealing performance and durability, the OCT TOV Butterfly Valve introduces circular sealing geometry.  

Unlike traditional triple offset designs that use an ellipse. The benefit of circular geometry is that it provides a uniform sealing load around the circumference of the sealing diameter, providing a reliable and repeatable shut-off. By using circles rather than ellipses, it allows Severn to use proven circular sealing knowledge and incorporate this into the TOV.   

Incorporating Severn’s ‘Repair Intelligence’ knowledge which involves providing real market feedback from extensive in-depth analysis from failed valves. Severn have designed each facet of this valve to provide the most accurate, reliable, and robust service capability possible whether managing critical processes in Oil & Gas refineries, Chemical Plants, or Power Generation facilities, the OCT TOV Butterfly valve ensures the end user achieves their core remit of safe operations and minimum downtime.

Advantages for Process and Industrial Energy Markets 

The introduction of the innovative OCT TOV Butterfly Valve designed by Severn signifies a paradigm shift in valve technology, offering a host of benefits to the Process & Industrial Energy markets 

Enhanced Performance: Severn have designed each facet of this valve to provide the most accurate, reliable, and robust service capability possible to help the end user achieve their core remit of safe operations and minimum downtime. 

Extended Lifecycle: Process conditions can change with time. Severn have ensured the interchangeability of the seal, should the sealing requirement not become as critical, or process conditions become more arduous. 

Increased Safety: At Severn, safety is paramount to the design of our products and ensured that whilst adhering to the strictest industry standards, have incorporated shaft blowout prevention as a vital addition to the design of the valve to increase suitability for end users and the wider industry.  

Versatility: Utilising Severn’s extended history of engineering excellence, the OCT TOV Butterfly valve has been designed for both superior control in both throttling and modulating services, whilst additionally providing a repeatable seal for isolation duties.  

Environmental Sustainability: To further the commitment to reducing fugitive emissions and reduce the burden on end users to meet tightening specifications, all Severn’s OCT triple offset butterfly range offer the fugitive emissions packing sets as standard fitment on all standard valves in the range. 

Severn’s relentless pursuit of engineering excellence has culminated in the development of the OCT Triple Offset Butterfly Valve – a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. As industries worldwide seek ever-improving solutions to their operational challenges, Severn Glocon stands ready to lead the way, setting new benchmarks for performance, reliability, and efficiency in valve technology. 

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