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Versatile Performance: How Severn’s OCT TOV Butterfly Valve Excels in Isolation and Control Applications

Posted: 26 September 2023

Severn’s patented OCT technology takes the traditional TOV sealing technology even further to maximise the sealing benefits. The Oblique Cone Technology (OCT) moves away from the traditional elliptical shape and provides circular sealing geometry, thus allowing the proven double offset sealing knowledge to be applied and incorporated into the TOV.

In addition to this, trims that are traditionally found on double offset valves such as the Anti-Cavitation trim, can be used in our TOV design, making the TOV OCT the ultimate valve for both isolation and control applications.

Severn’s considerable investment in research and development for the TOV OCT has been key to introducing hybrid sealing technology to the TOV. By utilising our hybrid polymer metallic seal, we can apply the self-compensating benefits of the TOV to a polymer seal. Coupling this with the metallic element of the seal, means that should the soft seal become damaged in operation, the metal seal would take over and still provide an entirely reliable seal.

The hybrid seal has also undergone an extensive and strict regime of testing, including cycle testing & fire testing, thus proving that even in extreme conditions the TOV can still provide a suitable seal. This would not be the case for a double offset valve as if damage was to occur, the seal would need replacing resulting in unplanned down time and loss in production.

The TOV OCT is self-compensating for wear, meaning consistent sealing performance, time after time. The Camming action of the 3rd offset reduces seal wear by minimising seal contact. The disc and seal only contact each other in the last 1-2° of operation, not only minimising wear but also reducing friction. Comparing this to a double offset valve which contacts for around 10°.

The standard design of the TOV incorporates the requirements of the most stringent specifications, Dual anti-blowout design comes as standard, ensuring the shaft cannot be ejected from the valve. The hybrid polymer seal is fully compliant with EN ISO 90079-36 (ATEX) requirements.

Despite the fault proof capabilities of the hybrid seal, we know site conditions can change and become more arduous or change from the initial operating conditions given for the valve. To combat this, we have ensured the seals are interchangeable, the hybrid seal can be changed to a laminated seal, or if conditions dictate, a solid seal. This can be done without the need for main valve components being replaced ensuring the TOV OCT is fully in-field serviceable, and the valve can be upgraded on site, enabling you to achieve your core imperatives of safe operations and reduced downtime.

Find out more about Severn’s TOV OCT valve by visiting our website via the link below:

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