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Severn Fire Testing Capabilities

Posted: 29 September 2021


Severn on-site fire testing capabilities

At Severn, we don’t have to outsource fire testing for products to an external company which is both expensive and a timely process, even if the valve passes the test(s) first time.

We have our own on-site fire testing units across the Severn group, covering the latest ISO 10497, API 607, and API 6FA test specifications.

Having on-site fire testing capabilities across the group reduces cost for the customer when the requirement for firesafe certification in necessary. With a high success rate on our patented Triple Offset OCT range, it enables us to closely assess how the valves perform under extreme conditions and engineer them accordingly, which in turn gives us a high pass rate with some of our tests passing with minimal to zero leakage.

By understanding exactly how our products react in extreme circumstances and utilising Severn’s repair intelligence we can provide the most appropriate solution to our clients whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Having on-site fire testing facilities also means product/order turnaround is significantly quicker than other companies, who must outsource their product testing to test house in order to qualify the product. If a valve fails on test at our onsite fire testing facility, we can immediately identify and rectify the issue(s) and test the valve again. This reduces not only the time of testing and turnaround but also the overall cost to the client.

Severn verify the fire testing by having all tests witnessed by a 3rd party inspector.

Severn manufactures and supports high quality valves for the energy industries. Its control, choke and small bore subsea valves are pre-eminent in the global market, underpinning the reliability and high performance of business-critical client infrastructure.

Severn’s global reach, technical prowess, and collaborative approach – all founded upon a heritage of British engineering excellence – help to assure production continuity for clients and reduce the prospect of costly downtime.

Its understanding of the life-cycle of assets positions Severn to offer end-to-end engineering solutions, enabling clients to meet their core imperatives: safe operations and minimum downtime.

If you want to find out more about Severn’s products and its testing capabilities, get in contact by completing our ‘Contact Us’ form.

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