Small Bore Subsea Valves: LB Bentley Adapting to Application

LB Bentley who specialise in the design and manufacture of small bore subsea valves have risen to many challenges over the years. With over 30 years of experience in the global supply of our products to the oil & gas industry, along with our expertise in fully satisfying the requirements of customers’ projects, our approach to innovation has continued to develop.

The extreme environment in which our products operate has thrown many challenges at us over the years and when pre-salt discoveries were made over 10 years ago LB Bentley knew that we had the ability to rise to the challenge of satisfying these new demands. The pre-salt projects stretched the capabilities of the supply chain, as having to operate in ultra-deep water (over 7,000ft/2134m) demanded the need for technological advances. In fact, the projects had many technological firsts ranging from the first application of flexible risers with an integrated wire traction monitoring system to the first separation and reinjection of CO2 associated with natural gas in ultra-deep wells.

With the small bore subsea valve our challenge was to consider the requirements of the higher pressures that are associated with ultra-deep water. Having an innovative and robust approach to research and development (R&D) enabled LB Bentley to successfully deliver the requirements outlined by our customers. Our R&D challenges were to consider the experience gained over the years to analyse current valve and actuator designs, making design developments, and qualifying the products to the required specification. Additionally, by designing, developing, and investing in our own state of the art test cells, we ensured that we had the full capability to deliver to the project requirements.

Over the years LB Bentley has successfully designed, manufactured, and delivered thousands of pre-salt valves to our customers and continue to do so with developing enhanced designs to fully satisfy the requirements of today and into the future.

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