Water/Oil Demister Filters

Water/Oil Demister Filters incorporate unique cartridges for silencing and separating water/oil mist from low and high pressure compressed air exhaust drainage points.

Our solutions remove 100% of water/oil mist particles from air being exhausted at pressures up to 6,500psig (450 bar g) to atmosphere. They also eliminate water/oil mist and smoke within buildings and ensure a clean working atmosphere.

The filters can be installed inside or outside buildings, allow the use of compressed air drainage points where environmental regulations would not normally allow (especially new industrial estates), and provide suitable collection points for waste disposal.

They have been designed for compressed air systems where it is necessary to silence, separate and collect all condensate and sludge discharge from air compressor inter-cooler stages – including after cooler, air dryers, air receivers, filters and automatic drain traps. They are ideal for areas where cleanliness is important and where site water/oil condensate and sludge cannot be sent directly to drains or wasted over a floor area. Their special cartridges combine excellent liquid separation characteristics with fine filtration and a large capacity for containment of liquid condensate.

Our Oil Demister Filter vessels are constructed of carbon steel and are available with either a large removable top lid to allow air to be exhausted direct to atmosphere, or a flanged pipeline unit with bottom swing bolt closure for applications where the exhaust has to be piped to a suitable discharge point.

Water/Oil Demister Filter

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