Additional Equipment

LB Bentley has a range of additional equipment that is available, including High-Pressure Pilot-Operated Stop Valves, Manual Stop Valves and Coaxial Breakaway Couplings.

High-Pressure Pilot-Operated Stop Valves: developed for use on our High Pressure Desiccant Dryers, initially to fulfil a specific MOD requirement. The compact cartridge design is ideal for manifold applications and enables us to supply an automatic dryer designed for ship use. We have standardised this valve throughout our industrial dryer range as it offers exceptional reliability and is quick and easy to service. This unique patented design is ideal for high pressure compressed air or gas and hydraulics applications, and is available as a standalone valve or as a cartridge design for manifold use.

High-Pressure Pilot-Operated Stop Valves - Additional Equipment

Manual Stop Valves: manufactured in 316 stainless steel as standard (other materials are available) and suitable for high-pressure compressed air and other inert gases to 414 bar, having 1/4″ BSPP connections. It is a simple, manually-operated valve, the seal of which can be replaced without taking the body out of line. For non-inert gases please contact us.

Manual Stop Valves - Additional Equipment

Coaxial breakaway couplings: suitable for high pressure compressed air and other inert gases to up to 450 bar. They are manufactured from CZ121 Brass and Phosphor Bronze. Sealing of the couplings is achieved by O-rings. The breakaway couplings allow items such as valves to be removed without having to ‘spring’ the pipework, making service work considerably easier. The standard range includes nine BSP connections from 1/4″ to 1″ and four OD tubes from 6mm to 20mm. Other connection and imperial tube sizes are available.

Coaxial breakaway couplings - Additional Equipment

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